2018 Parish Festival Gallery

The video/photo gallery below is of this year's Parish Festival from the setup on the grounds and cooking preparation inside the parish hall to the actual festival itself! Many thanks goes out to all that helped to make the festival possible this year! 

Short Festival Entertainment Video Clips 

Below are several short video clips of the St. Joseph Festival from Friday's opening act (Azucar) to Sunday's last band (Latin Thunder). 






Teammates from Shine Salon and The Bumz pose with game officials after the National Anthem was sung in the entertainment tent before the start of the Championship Game Teammates from Shine Salon and The Bumz pose with game officials after the National Anthem was sung in the entertainment tent before the start of the Championship Game

Co-Ed Softball Results 

Shine Salon was undefeated before losing the first championship game 9-7. They came back to claim the tourney championship in the second championship game defeating the Bumz, 16-9.

1st Place - Shine Salon
2nd Place - Bumz
3rd Place - Global Sports

All-Tourney Team -- Females: Mercediz, Nicki, Ashley, Naomi and Carly

All-Tourney Team -- Males: Bobby, Brian, Tyler, Mike and Steve

MVP's - Erica (women) Bo (men)




Festival Raffle Winners!

Large Painting:
Kelly Bradshaw
Green Mountain Painting:
Kelly Bradshaw
Boy & River Painting:
Diane Pike
Mountain Landscape:
Lita Trujillo
Bird Tea Set:
Frances Rodriguez
Eagle Picture:
Jane Bongirno
Man and Dog Painting:
Anita Archuleta
Fishing Pole and Chair:
Pam Lucero
Bushel of Chile from Vigil Farms:
Sonja Ballagert
Gary Kuhrt
Black Backpack with Supplies:
Betty Cordova
Lagree's Gift Card:
Maria Nunines
Daniel Gutierrez
Tattoo Gift Certificate:
Vern Ivey
Passkey Gift Certificate:
Frances Rodriguez
Golf Set:
Renee Cordo
Baby Shower Gift Basket:
Aliyah Immel
Romero's Gift Certificate:
Rose Marie Patti
Coffee Cup Basket:
Aliyah Immel
American Furniture Gift Card:
Mary Rivera
Janet Vigil
Wood Train and Car:
Consuelo Sedillo
Taffy's Gift Certificate:
Nancy Mendez
Frank's Meat Market:
Elaine Madrid
Jo Martinez
Little Caesars Pizza Party:
Rose Marie Patti
Green Clay Vase:
Anna Garcia
Green Flower Center Piece:
Tamara Garcia
Small Backpack with Supplies:
Tony Cordova Jr
Kitchen Basket with Yellow Bow:
Traci Steffy
Live Plant from Campbells:
Cindi Velza
Apple Gift Set:
Christina Cisneros
Bronco Pillows:
Teresa Lovato
Crochet Tea Towel:
Jenna Pritekel
Colorful Baby Blanket:
Tamara Garcia
Pink Baby Blanket:
Christy Coca
Colored Afigan:
Anna Garcia
Dia De Los Muertos Doll:
Sophia Aragon
Starbucks Gift Bag:
Lillie Cordova
Leo Atencio
Crisela Vice
Fish Tank:
Carl Eaquivel
Homemade Bathrug:
Valentina Vigil
Fall Wreath:
Randy Mascarenas
Fall Basket:
Monica Pacheco
Clear Vase:
Sherri Fernandez
Blue Vase:
Laura Cadena
Rooster Coasters:
Joyce Mazza
Debbie Genova
Flower Pumpkin:
Luke Gettler
Kitchen Basket:
Anette McGuire
Big Doll:
Kelly Bradshaw
Big Doll:
Patti Anne Corsentino
Wood Crosses:
Caren Vezzane
Praying Hands:
Juan Carlos Flores
Small Doll:
Gary Quintana
Small Doll:
Socorro Lumbert
James Villegas
Lady Bug:
Debbie Fuller-Roman
Give Thanks Pumpkin:
Anita Spinuzzi
Angel Set:
Tom Hall
Silver Pumpkin:
Pauline Steffy
Virgin Mary Statue:
Terri Velasquez
Wine Basket:
Jane Bangirno

Greg Jiminez: $1,000.00
Blanca Cordova: $500.00
Angelo Curto: $500.00
Nichole Martinez: $100.00
Marina Genova: $100.00
Mary Martinez: $100.00
Joe DeGrado: $100.00
Norma Perko: $100.00
Essence Lopez: $100.00
Mary & Rick Dean: $100.00
Joe Tanner: $100.00
Robert Nielsen: $100.00
Helen Jones: $100.00

Parish Hall Inquiries

For those of you wishing to inquire about the availability of the Fr. Charles J. Murray Parish Hall, please contact the parish office directly at 719-544-1886. No inquires will be answered on Facebook Messenger. Thank You!

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