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Most Rev. Stephen J. BergMost Rev. Stephen J. BergDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here in the Diocese of Pueblo, we have positioned ourselves to become the Diocese of the Little Way, through the inspiration and intercession of our patronesses, St. Therese of the Child Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe. In becoming the Diocese of the Little Way, we begin our response to the great needs of our faithful in little ways. Please make no mistake, this is not an easy path to go; this is not a shortcut around our issues, but rather, a way to elevate our standards of conversion to the message of the Gospel with mutual respect and accountability to each other on that journey.

Taking these steps together as the Diocese of the Little Way encourages us to do one more little thing for the Kingdom; saying one more Hail Mary, helping one more person, giving one more smile. By doing one more little thing each day, we can start to do some really powerful things together. Your gift to the Diocesan Ministry Fund helps to reflect Christ’s love to those whose lives are impacted by the ministries and services of this Diocese.

With the gifts of humility and charity, treasure the things we can do, all of us together living the life the Lord calls us to live. We must first admit and accept that “I cannot overcome the trials of life and become who I am meant to be, on my own.” And second, with total confidence in His merciful love, pray, “Jesus, please come and help me by making all things possible.” When these two actions become the spiritual air that I daily breathe, then I am living the Little Way.

Each of us is being called to participate by embracing St. Therese’s inspiring path:

With all my heart, I will…

R Recognize my littleness,
O Offer everything to Jesus with confidence,
S Surrender to His Merciful Love, and
E Evangelize others to do the same!

We become branded and bonded together with our sister, St. Therese, in Jesus and we begin to act together in Faith, Hope, and Charity as God’s holy people. Your support to the DMF supports our many efforts across our diocese.

Without your generous support, we would not have all the ministries we have today. Please make your commitment to the DMF in keeping in mind the spirit of St. Therese, “I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.” Please know, your gift, your generosity is making an impact in a big way. Thank you for your participation in the DMF and may God bless us all on our way to becoming the Diocese of the Little Way, after one of God’s favorite children, St. Therese, the Little Flower.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Stephen J. Berg
Bishop of Pueblo

Make your pledge today!Make your pledge today!The Diocesan Ministry Fund is the main source of revenue that financially supports, helps strengthen and nourishes the many ministries and programs provided to all parishes and missions throughout the Diocese of Pueblo. The DMF provides the much-needed funding that serves over 100,000 Catholics in 29 counties that cover over 50,000 square miles.

Why should I pledge to the DMF?
Every time we say the Creed, we reaffirm the fact that we are members of the “one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” We are saying that every parish and every parishioner is responsible not only for his or her parish but also for the well-being of the Church throughout the diocese and throughout the world.

How much should I give?
This is a good time to reflect gratefully on how generous God has been to you and your family. Your giving should be an honest proportion of your resources which adequately reflects your gratitude for God’s own generosity to you. The chart below can assist you as you prayerfully consider your pledge.

An Introduction:  Diocese Ministry Fund

DMF Donations are the primary source of funding for the diocesan programs which are too alrge in scope for individual parishes to address. The Diocese serves nearly 90 parishes and missions in 29 countries that cover over 50,000 square miles.

Building Up Our Church ~ 53% The faith of our current and future church is strengthened when we invest our generosity in religious education, sacramental preparation, hospital ministries, diaconate formation, and prison ministry. This investment also encourages seminarians to pursue with faith and confidence their vocation knowing that the faithful are providing spiritual and financial support. Grants are also given to Catholic Charities. Like every diocese in the nation, our Diocese recognizes the importance of supporting the church throughout the world. We fulfill our responsibility to the universal church by providing annual payments to the Colorado and United States Catholic Conferences, as well as the Holy See. Maintaining our Diocesan properties with insurance plans, legal transactions and upkeep of all facilities is vital to preserving and providing a fiscally sound diocese.

Support of Clergy ~ 33 % Supporting our current and retired clergy is a fundamental obligation of the Diocese. Those who pastor our parishes deserve educational enrichment, supplemental retirement support, and medical and long-term life care. Engagement in inculturation programs for our expanding numbers of international priests is essential.

Reaching Out to Others ~ 11 % Attending to the needs within our diverse church communities is at the heart of sharing resources. and international organizations to funding Catholic communications, we fulfill our responsibility to grow the Universal Church. The Tribunal Office is an Ecclesiastical court which handles marriage cases and also provides guidance pertaining to other matters of Canon Law.

DMF Administration & Campaign ~ 3% Our Diocese covers the cost of designing and printing all DMF appeal material and then provides those tools to every parish. The DMF office also administers the collection designs, prints and provides DMF campaign material to every parish and administers the collection of DMF funds.



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Parish Hall Inquiries
For those of you wishing to inquire about the availability of the Fr. Charles J. Murray Parish Hall, please contact the parish office directly at 719-544-1886. No inquires will be answered on Facebook Messenger. Thank You!

DMF Goal 2019

Come help the Diocesan Ministry Fund. It's an opportunity for each of us in growing and making Christ's mission alive and vibrant. 

Goal: $91,059.00
Pledged: $86,902.00
Families: 334


Prayer for Vocations


O God, in the past you called men and women to dedicate their lives to you through priesthood and religious life. Today stir up the grace of a religious vocation in the hearts of many within our parish community. Grant them the willingness and generosity to place their lives completely in your hands as priests, brothers and sisters. Help me to support them by my own fidelity to your call to holiness through prayer & Christian service. If you desire that one of my family or friends follow you in this way, grant me the wisdom and insight to support and encourage that person to listen to your voice and follow you without delay


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