Pughs' Benefit Fundraiser

I just can’t find the words to say that truly express my deep gratitude and appreciation for today. The outpouring of love is truly overwhelming. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you everyone that attended the benefit for me and Kennedy Pugh. Thank you to all of the organizers. That you to all the donors. Thank you to the workers. I love all of you so much. As I continue to heal, I promise to continue to serve my parish and community. St. Joseph Catholic Church in my opinion is the best parish. We are family. Pueblo is the best community. I just don’t know how words can truly express my gratitude and appreciation. I’m tired. In mild pain because I stayed longer than I should have, but I needed to hug and thank each person as I was able. Please keep the prayers flowing. Pathology results were delayed because they had to be sent to another lab. I’m scared, but know that your prayers are working. All I can say is “THANK YOU “, from my heart and soul. I truly realized today that I’m blessed. I have amazing friends and family. I appreciate you and love you. We pray! Thank you God for providing us with an amazing Pastor. Thank you Fr. Joseph.
--Facebook Post by Patti Pugh, Feb 17, 2019

Kennedy & Patti PughKennedy & Patti Pugh

Pughs' Thankful To ALL Who Came!!
Two members of the Pueblo music scene and St. Joseph's Spirit Choir, singer Kennedy Pugh and pianist Patti Pugh were extremely grateful to all that turned out for a benefit fundraiser on Sunday, Feb. 17.  The brother and sister, who have been encountering health problems, were in attendance at the event that was coordinated by the church's choir members. Those who were able to attend at the Fr. Charles J. Murray Parish Hall were treated to a burrito/tostada dinner. There was a silent auction, bake goods sale, beverages and entertainment by Johnny Watson and Seel.

Below are pictures of the Benefit Fundraiser

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